Deities are a physical kind of entities with outstanding qualities and great realtion with methaphysicial dimension. Deitites appears as major element during golden ages and play relevant roles in world's evolution.


Primordial deities or titans appeared just after world's origin. They were able to procreate in several ways, other entities. This offspring was called deities. Each deity has its own genealogy, many of them as sons of earlier deities.

Some entities are missconfused as deities despite they're not, common cases are Baphomet or quetzalcoatl which are a fallen angel and a dragon respectively. 

Common classification of deitiesEdit

This primordial entities can be classified in three main groups:

  • Titans who are primordial entities, usually seem as irratonal or uncouncience. They're related to nature itself and not to the living creatures.
  • Major deities that played an important role during the golden ages. They're heavly related with mankind and living-forms. In many cultures major deities are recognized as gods.
  • Minor deities are those entities that are not commonly recognized as gods, or are identified as local gods. They are less might than major deities and has a little influence in live.