Fallen angels are a manmade name given to the superior metaphysical entities who failed in disgrace after reaveling against the Great seven, most of the entities are locked up in Tartarus, while others live as physical entities. 

Fallen angels from the seventh's uprisingEdit

A major part of the fallen angels were locked up in Tartarus or banished from the superior espheres during the seventh's uprising. They came from all the spheres but mainly from second one. Once defeated all the superior entities where seeked, captured and locked inside Tartarus in the center of the Erebus. These fallen angels represent the violence and anger, constantly trying to escape and distort nature as an insult to their jailers. There are no recorded events of a fuge from Tartarus. They're commonly confused with demons, creatures born in the hell.

Some of the uprised repented before defeated and they were forgiven to be send into Tartarus, though they were banished and reshaped into physical entities. Most of them became efrits (or ifrits), one of special is Baphomet

Fallen angels from other eventsEdit

Despite the uprising of the seventh was the major event, another minor events has ocurred before and after that. Most of them has offended in someway superior commands, usually by interfering directly on earth. Hades was a throne who try to have sex with a deity and was condemn to guard the gates of Tartarus and the entire Erebus.