A vampire is a human-like creature that subsists by feeding from other being's life-esscence. Vampires are commonly grouped as night-creatures as they cannot afford sunlight. A extense lore has been raised across centuries, being one of the most mysterious and interesting beings.

Origin and early historyEdit

There are two main accepted origins, both being speculative. The first one taken as cannonical introduces Baphomet as the creator of this creatures, according to this Baphomet tried to recreate the mankind from animals and himself. It resulted in the creation of vampires, werewolfs and other beast-like creatures. 

A second and less accepted genesis put a triad of beings known as eternals, god-like entities crossbreeding themselves with humans. The result were vampires. In this case, it occurs somewhere in Persia or Mesopotamia during earlier in the XXX century B.C.

One way or another, vampires are deeply correlated during the first centuries with Middle East inhabitats -despite there are archeological evidence of vampire nests as far as in Indochina before 2000 B.C. These creatures where widely feared because their neccesity of human blood and flesh, however their reduce number, compared with humans, lack of gregariousness and weakness against sunlight avoided a human early extinction.

It is no clear why or how vampires started to adapt as social beings, even to the point of being considered as gods. Most of the related lore presumes that blood -specifically the life esence on it -aided to make such progress, it is also believed that blood approaches them to metaphysical dominance, giving power over ancestral vampires.